How To Become A Personal Trainer

The world of health and fitness has exploded over the last few years, with more and more people wanting to change their careers and become personal trainers. So, if you are one of those people, below are a few tips on how you can make your dream come true… What does a personal trainer do?A personal trainer is there to help their clients reach their health and fitness … Continue reading How To Become A Personal Trainer

Everything You Need To Know About Protein

Proteins belong to a family of organic compounds that serve many functions in the body. All proteins are made from building blocks called amino acids, and there are 20 of these in total. The basic structure of protein is a chain of amino acids. Amino acids can be thought of as forming a ‘protein alphabet’. They build proteins in a similar way to how the … Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About Protein

What Is The OPT Model?

The OPT model is based on the scientific rationale of human movement science. Each stage has a designated purpose that provides the client with a systematic approach for progressing toward his or her individual goals, as well as addressing his or her specific needs. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that health and fitness professionals fully understand all components of programming as well as … Continue reading What Is The OPT Model?

The advantages of compound exercises

One of the biggest mistakes people make in fitness is underestimating the importance of compound exercises. There are several reasons for this that we will go through below… They train many muscles at onceAnd the more muscles you can effectively train in a given exercise, the more overall muscle you can build as a result. This also makes these types of exercises more time efficient. … Continue reading The advantages of compound exercises