An Introduction To Jump Rope

Jump Rope, or skipping rope, seems to be the ‘IN’ thing at the moment. Perhaps that’s just here in the UK, but it seems to be everywhere ever since lockdown started. Maybe due to it being one of the only things you could do easily while being stuck at home? However, as it seems to be on everyone’s mind, here are a few tips on how you can get started on your jump rope journey with an introduction to jump rope…

The Equipment

Although you can get jump ropes for just a few pounds, we advise you don’t buy these. They are generally very cheaply made and will end up breaking or worse, snapping while you’re jumping!

If you plan to jump mainly inside on a softer surface, you probably don’t need a mat. However, if you’re jumping on a hard surface, or outside, you’ll want to get yourself a mat. The mats are there to not only help prolong the life of your rope by stopping it from getting chipped as you use it. They also help soften the landing for your knees and joints. One of the mats we recommend are these from Dope Ropes.

You’ll also need to get yourself a rope to practice on (also available through Dope Ropes). To find out which rope is th right one for you, see below.

Which Rope Is Right For You?

It can be hard to know which rope to choose when just starting out. With so many slightly different variations, it can be confusing. Here are some of top tips to help you decide…

Beaded Rope – These are great for first time jumpers looking to progress in to learning tricks. The beaded ropes hold their shape better in the air so you can feel the feedback of the rope more easily. Also, the shatterproof beads on this type of rope mean it’s longer lasting and more durable.

PVC Rope – The PVC rope can be used by all levels of jumpers and is great for speed work, jumping for longer periods of time and tricks once you’ve got the hang of them. Although this rope does give some feedback, it’s much less than that of the beaded rope so isn’t advised to be used by beginners.

Wire Rope – The wire rope is often used by people who do crossfit. The wire rope means it’s much quicker in the air, perfect for crossfit style workouts, or intense exercise such as performing double-unders. The wire gives little to no feedback in the air so it’s not recommended for beginners.

The Basic Moves

Once you’ve got the right equipment you’ll need to start your jump rope journey, you need to get the basics down before you start attempting the tricks. A great video to get you started is this one by Lauren on Instagram.

Learning The Tricks

There are so many places you can go to learn some of the coolest looking tricks. Some of which you can even probably learn in a day if you put your mind to it. My favourite go to jump rope coach has to be – The Jump Rope Coach Chris on Instagram (video example below). He has guides on everything from the simple jump rope basics, to the much harder wraps, toads, TJ’s…and so much more!

We hope you found this article of interest. Do let us know if you take up jump rope, we would love to see your progress!

The Fitness Focus Team

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