Are you upset because of muscle fatigue? Well, everyone who is either working out for the first time or has been doing it already, muscle fatigue is something you cannot avoid. Muscle fatigue is also a body’s way of telling that muscles are being targeted through your exercise and have reached to a metabolic limit. If you do not feel muscle soaring then it’s a sign that you are not effectively doing your workout. However, muscle soreness also tends to minimize your workout efficiency if it is not dealt well. Well surprisingly, there are some very useful tips that are amazingly effective in curing muscle fatigue. So, stop being worried and read these useful tips to overcome muscle fatigue and be ready for the next training tomorrow.

Massage Therapy
As we all know that massage gives great relief and comfort to muscles and overall body, it’s a great solution to cure muscle fatigue in a quick way as well. It has been researched that massage after an exercise can help to reduce pain and it has a greater effect if it is done within 48 hours of exercise. Moreover, regular massage can reduce the intensity of muscle soreness and your body will be stronger to fight off muscle fatigue.

Those muscles that have been massaged regularly tend to have more blood vessels as compared to those ones who are massage-free. Massage promotes tissue regeneration more effectively once the fibres are broken down in an extensive workout leading to have a rapid recovery. When you receive a massage after a workout, you instantly feel relieved and therefore you are efficient in doing other chores of everyday life. Moreover, you should be focusing more on correcting common workout mistakes that can also lead to have more muscle soreness.

Use Heat
The temperature of the skin and the muscles rises when we apply heat which results in increasing blood flow. The performance of the muscles enhances when heat is applied and therefore, they can fight with the fatigue. It should ideally be done right after the exercise or within few hours. The more the heat is, the better the performance of muscles would be.

There are multiples ways of giving heat to the muscles. You can use hot bottles in which hot water can be put and then the bottle can be placed on different muscles. Take off your workout shirt and relax on a bed and then take somebody’s help for this. This will give a feel of massage as well which with heat can relax your muscles like massage does. If you do not have any equipment then simply use a towel and dip it in the hot water and apply the towel on different muscles. Whatever way you use, try to use it every day after training. Unlike massage therapy, this is easier and cheaper way of getting a cure of muscle fatigue.

Use Foam Rolling
Having a massage therapy or applying heat needs somebody’s help which might be difficult for everyone to take on regular basis. Well, here is another solution that you can do by yourself. Using a foam roller can make your task easier and for its convenience it is widely popular for muscle fatigue treatment amongst athletes. When you are in race of achieving your back to shape target sometimes you over do training and therefore foam roller can be very effective as you can use it multiple times a day for your muscle soreness. If you want to know more about workout tips to get back in shape, click here.

Foam rolling is easy to do as you simply have to place roller foam on the ground and then place different muscles of your body on it and then roll it. Due to exercise, there arises a tension in connective tissues of different muscles and foam rolling helps to have myofascial release which cures this muscle problem. This is a one-time investment and then it does not cost anything later like massage therapy which is expensive. Use it for 10 to 15 minutes on different muscles after a workout once or twice a day to get rid of muscle fatigue.

Compression Garments
Compression garments have recently become extremely famous amongst fitness fanatics due to their many benefits. There has been a significant increase in the sales of compression garments in the recent years. Many fitness trainers have started focusing on exhibiting positive effects of wearing compression garments because many recent researches have shown positive effects of using it.

The question is when to wear it and for how much time it should be worn. Well, that’s true that wearing it for longer time can enhance it’s benefits but you cannot neglect the fact that they are not so comfortable to be worn for many hours or overnight. Let’s find a doable way! Start wearing it for 1 or 2 hours in the beginning and then extend the hours to 3 to 4 every day. So, once you are back from the gym and have taken a shower, wear compression garment immediately and then let it do its magic. As it compresses muscles, it tends to give a speedy recovery through its firm support.

Use Ice
Muscle fatigue also occurs due to inflammation and therefore ice is a way to cure it. It is suggested to make use of ice to apply it on the muscles after a workout. Don’t apply it directly on the skin. You should put it in a piece of cloth and then apply it to avoid skin rash that can appear with direct contact of ice with the skin. You might feel cold in the beginning but it is very effective and low-cost method. It also helps to bring down your body temperature to normal which rises during the workout. Apply it gently on the muscles and see its magic that how quickly it recovers muscle fatigue. However, it should not be used in winter as you may fall ill due to low temperature.

We hope you found this article helpful but if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

The Fitness Focus Team