Follow These Training Splits To Increase Your Muscle Gains

Are you bored of following same old-fashioned training splits that typically start from chest day and end at leg day? Well, think about your muscles, they are bored too. There is no doubt that this training split has long been used in the past with its tremendous outcomes for numerous bodybuilders. However, as many things evolve with time, this century has evolved fitness world significantly. Therefore, there are many other training splits that have been introduced and provide more benefits than the conventional one. Apart from the benefits, the new training splits get you rid of boredom that you fall in after following the same splits over and over again. If you really carve for something new that can bring back your interest in bodybuilding, read this article to get guidance about the exciting training splits that are completely different from what you have been following for so long.

Push Exercises, Pull Exercises, and Legs Exercises
These are the three major divisions of all the weight training exercises, push exercises, pull exercises, and legs exercises. So, in this split type you have to divide all the exercises into three parts and each part has to be done on single day. Therefore, first day is for push exercises day, second day is for pull exercises day, and the third day is legs exercises day. Let’s come to the push day which is the first day of this training split. Push day will include chest, shoulders, and triceps that are the three major muscle groups that function on pushing weights. The next day is the pull day which includes back, biceps, and traps. The third and the last day is lower body day and legs are the only part in the lower side of the body, so this is called leg day. You can add some abdominal exercises as well in the third day for better body shape.

One great benefit of this split is that you can hit all of your major muscles in three days only. This is especially for those who do not have much time. This reduces the number of days you have to attend gym to hit all the muscles. Moreover, it will help you to wear gym gear accordingly. For example, on pull day you can wear tank top which can show your pumped muscles of back, biceps and traps. If you are so busy then you can do one round of these exercises which requires three days only and if you have more time then you can do two rounds in a week. The results will still be good in even one round but of course they will show up late as compared to two rounds.

Upper Body and Lower Body
As the name suggests, all the exercises have been divided into two categories in this split. All the upper body exercises are done on one day and the legs exercises are done other day. Whereas the third day should be taken off to recovery. In this way, each muscle gets 48 hours to recover which is necessary for effective muscle building. This split is ideal for those who actually want to hit all major muscle groups twice a week with a limitation of going to gym for lesser days.

Here is another thing that can be done to optimize outcomes from this split which is to keep one upper and lower body sessions as heavy and the other ones as light. This split is open-ended and hence you can switch between the exercises that suit you best on heavy and light exercise days. There are two easy ways to make heavy and light training days. Firstly, you can do all light exercises on one day like rowing, bicep curls, dumbbell chest press, triceps kickbacks etc. and all heavy exercises on the other day like dumbbell press, bench press, Arnold press etc. Secondly, you can do same exercises on both heavy and light days but by bringing variation in weights. As this split requires lesser days of exercising as compared to other forms of splits, you can do cardio exercises such as running once a week. You can also read tips for a fit and healthy life here to maximize the impact of this training split.

Total Body Split
This kind of split allows you to do both upper and lower body exercises in one day. Ideally, you can choose one or two exercises for each of the major muscle groups each day. This split is best for those who are new in the gym, as doing all exercises for one muscle in one day will make you hell tired. Imagine doing a full leg day in the first week, it will definitely make you limp for almost an entire week.

Would it be boring to do same exercises every day? Well, surely this is a definite thing that strikes in a mind when we think about this split. Therefore, there is already a solution for it. You can choose different exercises for each of the major muscles every day. This way, you can have different exercises to do every day which will also hit each muscle differently. With this split, you can spare days for cardio or strength training to achieve more health benefits. Therefore, you can be a great runner with well-toned physique. For more understanding of the strength exercises especially for runners, here is a guide for the best strength exercises for runners. Once you have a regular routine at gym and you think you need to step up your training level, you can try other splits for a better experience.

These are the three amazing training splits that will surely give you astonishing results. You can choose any one of them that you think is suitable to you according to your routine. Also, you can switch between these splits if you feel bored after few weeks.

We hope you found this article helpful but if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

The Fitness Focus Team

6 thoughts on “Follow These Training Splits To Increase Your Muscle Gains

  1. I was really bored with the ‘chest day’, ‘leg day’, ‘back day’… I do a few exercises of each group every day now and that has helped me with keeping consistent at working out. I might have to change at some point though… this post was very useful to have a greater understanding! Thanks a lot!

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